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Victorian Greens and Federal Government.

why support this campaign?

If all the old street light lamps on streets across Victoria were replaced with energy-efficient lamps, we could save 1.56 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions over the life of the new lights. That’s 31.2 billion black balloons, 341,917 cars off the road for a year, or a city the size of Mildura’s entire household emissions for a year.

The difficulty with switching to energy-efficient lights is the high upfront costs. In the case of a Victoria-wide switch, the cost would be around $120 million, depending on which new lights councils select. Obviously, this cost is difficult – and in some cases prohibitive – for councils and ratepayers to afford.

Our councils in Victoria are willing to do their bit but they need the help of the Victorian and Federal governments. If the other levels of government fund a quarter to a third of the total upgrade costs across the state, we will achieve a 78,000 tonne greenhouse gas emissions reduction, and a $7 million cost saving, each year.

Councils are asking for a minimum $150 funding contribution per street light switch from Victorian and Federal Governments. Victoria-wide, this would add up to around $50 million over four years. We think this would be money well spent for the people of Victoria.

Councils are ready to implement street light energy efficiency. Now is the time for the other levels of government to play their part.

support the switch

We’ve changed to energy-efficient lights in our homes thanks to the Victorian government and we now need their help to Give Our Streets the Green Light. We need YOU to help us take action so please sign our online petition – it’ll only take a minute.

Add your voice to the call to the Victorian and Federal Governments to help councils make the switch to more energy-efficient street lights.

Why I support
this campaign:

Footscray, VIC

It just makes sense. I’ve done my bit at home by changing my light bulbs. The state government should support the same thing for our streets.

Wangaratta, VIC

Having kids makes you realise how vital it is we do everything we can to be as energy-efficient as possible. We’ve all signed up.

Brighton, VIC

I’ll be a rate payer soon.  If the switch to green street lights means my council will save some money to go towards more services where I live, I’m in.