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If you’d like to know even more about energy-efficient street lighting, the barriers we’ll face to change over or the Victorian energy regulations browse these useful links:

Sustainable Public Lighting Toolbox

Learn more about what councils have been doing to progress more efficient street lighting and about the available technology.

The MAV Public Lighting Customer Innovation Committee

The MAV Public Lighting Customer Innovation Committee (CIC) is the first part of a new public lighting technology review process. It provides an initial assessment of public lighting technology for councils and VicRoads that have improved environmental, technical and cost performance before these may be approved by the electricity distributors.

The Northern Alliance for Greenhouse Action (NAGA)

NAGA’s goal is to achieve significant emissions abatement by delivering effective programs and leveraging local government, community and business action. NAGA and its members were pioneers in Victoria in trialling and assessing energy-efficient public lighting and continue to seek innovative solutions to public lighting. Visit the NAGA site for technical reports on the two approved energy-efficient public lighting technologies.

Australian Energy Regulator

The Australian Energy Regulator, part of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, regulates the economic aspects of electricity and gas transmission and distribution networks.  In 2009 they made important determinations on energy-efficient public lighting.

Essential Services Commission Victoria

The Essential Services Commission (ESC) has previously the regulator of the electricity distribution and transmission network in Victoria, most of these functions have now passed to the Australian Energy Regulator. The ESC Public Lighting Code continues to provide the basis for how public lighting is managed in Victoria. The ESC website also has previous regulatory decisions.

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